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We Are An Association Of Nutrition Professionals Dedicated To The Following Tasks:

Encouraging and promoting the optimal health, nutrition and education of all children by supporting nutritionally adequate, educationally sound and financially accountable school nutrition programs.

Promoting the highest standards for child nutrition and school/community nutrition programs with emphasis on nutritionally adequate meals which are acceptable to students.

Encouraging united efforts among school personnel, allied organizations, industry and the community to assure that each student receives the benefitsof school nutrition programs.

Encouraging and developing the highest quality standards for school programs and providing appropriate educational programs for school food and nutritional personnel.

Encouraging parents to "partner" with us to ensure the best nutrition possible at school and at home through "P.I.N." our "Partners In Nutrition" program.

Seeking your feed-back which is important to us...please let us know what you think. Send us your thoughts and opinions by e-mail.

We are pleased to announce our new Partners In Nutrition or P.I.N. as we refer to it. This effort by the members of The School Nutrition Association of Virginia is designed to enable parents to support, at home, the nutritional values and good eating habits we promote in the schools your children attend.

We are very aware that our current economy  as well as personal family conditions affects what parents are able to do for their families. Our "Partners In Nutrition" program provides helpful suggestions and advice, economical suggestions and lists of helpful websites you can visit to help in your efforts to provide the best nutritional values for your family.

The P.I.N. program section of this site is for you. We would appreciate your feed-back regarding whether or not it is helpful; what we can do to make it more effective for your needs and your family's requirements; and any other comments or experiences you would like to share with us.

All replies are considered confidential and your comments will be used only for the purpose of evaluating this program and improving it over time.